Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food Network and Discovery Channel visit Manitou Springs, Colorado for Halloween

Adam Gertler from the Food Network and the Discovery Channel visited Manitou Springs to be a part of the 15th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races. This small mountain town at the base of Pikes Peak can put on an event for Halloween that is spooktacular! The best event of the year! The town exploded with spooks, goblins, the best Emma, best coffin and ware-wolfs abound. Fun and mayhem was had by all, including the Denver Hearse Society, who showcased a variety of dressed hearses. Adam interviewed Retro Moto Toys coffin entry of Mexican wrestlers complete with Mariachi Band. The Mexican Wrestlers were costumed with avenger masks and leather leggings. They were a bit slower than their competition though. The final winner of the coffin races was the Crystal Hillbillies for the 5th year in a row.

Emma Crawford moved to this mountain town just west of Colorado Springs in the late 1800s in hopes that the water from the famous Mineral Springs would help cure her tuberculosis. Emma died in 1890 just before she was to marry. It gets worse! Her last wish was to be buried atop nearby Red Mountain, which she was until her grave gave way due to terrible rains and her remains slid down the side of the mountain. She was later buried in the Manitou Springs Cemetery. The celebration includes teams of four runners in costume and one coffin-rider (Emma) racing down the street in hopes of finishing first.

Put this event on your calendar for next year, and plan your Halloween stay at 1892 Victoria's Keep Bed & Breakfast. Have a Happy Halloween!

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